Accurate, Objective, Traceable, Scratch-Dig Measurement Inspection for the Optics Industry

The optics industry is technically advanced and requires meticulous attention to quality. Our customers are increasingly being required to provide traceable guarantees and scratch-dig inspection data reports; to prove that their optical component products meet the stringent quality control standards the industry calls for. More and more commercial applications require optics that can only be good enough if they are developed from the latest cutting edge technology for coating, polishing and grinding.

Our OptiLux Scratch-Dig non-contact industrial metrology system is designed specifically for this demanding industry and provides fully-automated, operator-independent Scratch-Dig measurement and analysis.

The results that are produced mean that a product's surface quality can be certified compliant, to a specification with a traceable pass or fail detailed compliance report, providing a non-disputable assurance of quality. It also limits the amount of optical component handling which mitigates the risk of accidental dig or scratch damage to a component’s surface. With the accuracy of repeatable scratch-dig results, our customers can understand how close an imperfection is to the grading boundary, allowing them to refine their production process, for example by knowing exactly when to stop and when to continue polishing in order to meet the surface quality specification for very fragile surfaces.

The scratch dig measurement tool combines the new MIL-PRF-13830B and ISO10110-7 compliant high-resolution OptiLux Scratch-Dig sensor head with a precision X-Y motion system to be the first to provide a fully-automated operator-independent optic surface quality measurement and analysis routine. As a result, the OptiLux Scratch-Dig is the first instrument to truly eliminate operator subjectivity, from scratch-dig measurement evaluation and verification and offers reduced cycle times when compared with current solutions.


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