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The Complete Solution for Automated Scratch Dig Measurement 

- Optical Surface Inspection

About the OptiLux SD (Scratch Dig)

The Completely Objective, Automated Scratch Dig Measurement and Optical Surface Verification System

Our OptiLux Scratch Dig system has been designed to provide industrial metrology solutions for optics manufacturers who need to precisely evaluate and verify the scratch dig imperfections of different optical components. We give our customers complete control of the scratch dig surface quality inspection process. By combining a high-resolution sensor head with a precision X-Y motion system we provide a fully-automated, operator-independent surface quality measurement and analysis routine. This highly repeatable and traceable process delivers a non-disputable scratch dig quality assurance, as well as limiting the amount of optical component handling - this reduces the risk of accidental damage to fragile surfaces. With the accuracy of repeatable results, technicians can understand how close an imperfection is to the grading boundary, allowing them to refine their production process, for example by knowing exactly when to stop and when to continue polishing in order to meet the surface specification for very fragile surfaces. This immediate automation of the scratch dig inspection process has significant impact on reducing lead times and cost of production.



The OptiLux Scratch Dig evaluates and verifies imperfections of various optical components and gives complete control of the scratch dig surface quality inspection process.



  • Repeatable and reproducible results

Standards applied:

MIL-PRF-13830B - ISO 10110-7

(Visibility based specification)

These are customisable

  • Instant pass/fail reporting (PDF)

  • Automated and Manual modes

  • There are a comprehensive range of loading solutions

  • Licensable features, meaning choose now, add later.


  • Repeatable and traceable Quality Assurance for optical components

  • Automatic focus

  • Pass/Fail pdf reporting

  • User definable 'clear aperture'

  • Ability to save and load scratch dig data results



  • Trains and supports inspection teams

  • Removes subjectivity and human error from the inspection process

  • Versatile and adaptable for an innovative and growing company

  • Reduces lead times and production costs whilst enhancing quality, awarding inspectors more qualitative time

  • Automatically documents inspection

  • Easy-to-use software minimises training and implementation time

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OptiLux SD

A full frontal of the OptiLux SD machine itself, the complete solution to optical surface quality inspection.