High Precision, Data-Rich, Non-Contact Metrology


Our non contact, CMM systems are highly versatile and provide unparalleled levels of 3D capture for component measurement in seconds. They can measure any geometry including: sphere, asphere, cylinder, internal bore, cone/taper, step height or freeform in any material such as polished or rough metals or ceramics and polymers.



The RedLux non contact CMM measurement systems can take measurements of a great variety of forms and compare the results to a CAD model or analyse them for wear. The CAD model of the component is used as the reference for calculating deviations from design intent, with the measurement taking only a few minutes.


RedLux non contact CMM metrology instruments are able to measure the flatness and surface finish of a wide range of components, regardless of material, with sub-nanometre resolution.  


Our non contact measurement CMM metrology instruments can measure the shape of a steep-sided aspheric shape, for example a lens. As the sensor is kept orthogonal to the surface, there is no loss of accuracy towards the outer regions of the lens. 


RedLux non contact CMM measurement systems can measure the surface roughness of components speedily and precisely with the White Light Interferometer. Typical measurement times range from seconds to just a few minutes. The high-precision results will provide our customers with vital data relating, for example, to friction and wear properties of the analysed surface.


The RedLux 3D optical CMM's measure the radius, depth of the component and the deviation from a perfect sphere over 240º coverage angle. The CMM measurements systems are non-contact, fast, and ultra precise.

Internal Bore

Metrology of internal diameter, taper angle, sidewall straightness, roundness and in the case of wear measurement, volumetric material loss are available measurements from our optical CMM.

Local Radius

The local radius of curvature is a good indicator of the extent of a wear scar on a worn component. The optical CMM by RedLux can measure this speedily, at highest precision and provide a data-rich output and analysis.

Step Height

RedLux can speedily conduct a non-contact and highly precise surface analysis of components with regards to step heights - using our optical CMM, making this technology especially valuable in quality control . Measurement of step heights and lateral dimension at highest precision provide an analysis of the distribution and morphology of the component's surface features.


Our non contact measurement CMM can measure the shape, radius and the entire surface of a cylinder, e.g. all data of a wear scar can be measured and tracked. The measurements take minutes to complete, and offer nanometre resolution.

Cone or Taper

RedLux non-contact, high precision CMM metrology systems, allow for the measurement and analysis of cone, or taper, form and surface roughness, of a large number of components very quickly.  

Rotational Symmetry

The shape, geometric form and surface of a component can be measured speedily by our optical CMM and at highest accuracy, providing a data-rich output - highly valuable for component analysis.


The precise and speedy measurement of roundness can play a vital part in production. RedLux can fulfill this requirement with its non-contact profiling optical CMM technology by either identifying non-conforming parts in the production process or controlling the process tool with regards to its roundness. In both applications, speedy feedback guarantees minimal wastage.



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