High Precision, Non-Contact Metrology of Components for the Aerospace Industry

In the safety-critical aerospace industry, the assurance of reliability, traceability and performance is what customers need most. Faced with the challenges of evolving regulations and environmental considerations, as well as a trend towards more automated processes and new methods such as additive engineering, it is imperative that essential metrology technology can keep pace. The safety of the industry depends on it.

The importance of accurate, immediate data to assess components and validate them - ahead of production - is key to product performance and guaranteed reliability. It’s this that keeps customers ahead in a highly competitive environment and allows the innovation and continuous improvement that the industry is well-known for.

Our non-contact metrology technology is data-rich and can assess components quickly and accurately regardless of complex geometries, materials and profiles. We have developed a customised software package over many years that is sophisticated and provides the information needed to make smarter decisions on products that have already performed and new products that are shaping the industry.

"The ultra-precision of the RedLux optical CMM, combined with its ability to measure and capture complex surface 3D geometries, offers the possibility to investigate the effects of functional surfaces such as those found in a gearbox and transmission systems,” says Christian Maul, CEO and founder of RedLux Ltd, “this is helping RedLux customers to produce longer life components, reduce spare part stock and lower cost of service”.

In one example, the three-dimensional surface profile of a cylindrical component is scanned using the OmniLux system, allowing assessment of the form, radius and surface finish all from one measurement.

This fast and accurate non contact CMM measurement takes just a few minutes and has the added advantage of having a large number of evenly spaced data points over the region of interest. This is ideal for post-processing to reveal complex machining structures on the surface that would be hidden to partial inspection with conventional machines or visual inspection.


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